Monday, 18 July 2016

What makes a good neighbourhood GREAT?

You’ve seen the movies where the gardens and pathways are immaculately manicured, kids playing safely in the street, that man who brings your rubbish bin in each week and, of course, that friendly neighbour who delivers freshly baked treats. Imagine that in your street, huh?

Alas, the perfect neighbourhood only exists in the movies. But having a great neighbourhood is certainly not out of the question!

When choosing where to live, it’s important to find the ideal lifestyle match. Is there public transport close by? Is it within the school catchment area? Are there restaurants and bars within walking distance? Close to work? Is the place secure?

We’ve put together some top tips that we think make a good neighbourhood great:
  • Location – close to the things that matter to us. It may be close to work, close to public transport or close to shopping centres
  • Outdoor spaces – facilities (pool, gym etc), green spaces and outdoor areas to relax.

  • Security – a secure home where your loved ones and belongings are safe.
  • Community – a sense of community where the neighbours are friendly and there are local events happening.
  • Comfort – storage space, open plan living, nice views and good entertaining spaces.
  • Onsite management - Jay Walljasper, author of The Great Neighbourhood Book by the Project for Public Spaces says “Eighty percent of the success of any good place is due to how well it is managed after the project is done.” Amen to that! Our onsite managers are testament to this and ensure our good communities are made even greater once the project is completed.

And of course, great people form the basis of an even better place to live. Given we’re onsite managers at seven complexes across Brisbane, we work towards a healthy community and neighbourhood that we live in.

We get that the place we live in has a fundamental impact on our well-being, therefore at Rent Central, we pride ourselves on managing complexes that are on-point with characteristics of a great neighbourhood. Ideal location, open outdoor spaces, sense of security and community and proximity to Brisbane’s best is what makes our complexes popular choices for renting.

What makes your neighbourhood great?

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