Thursday, 25 June 2015

Moving out for the first time

So you start university in a few months. But mum and dad’s house is a 6 hour drive to uni. Now what? There’s only one realistic choice here... and that’s to move closer to school!

First things first – Can you afford to move out? 
The Government’s Money Smart website is a good starting point to work out whether or not you can afford to move out; if not, what your options are. 

Once you’ve worked out your budget, then you need to explore where to live and its proximity to school. Currently, Rent Central has three properties that are within walking distance to some form of higher education institute. Rent Central Waters Edge and Rent Central Canvas are based within a few kilometres to the South Bank Tafe. Rent Central Urban Edge is within a stone’s throw to Queensland University of Technology at Kelvin Grove. For other helpful tips on home hunting, check out our other blog here.

Now it’s time to move out... have you got a checklist? 

If not, then one of Rent Central’s preferred partners, Direct Connect, can help. View their moving out checklist here. Or better still, they offer a free, no-obligation service offering a range of options to help you move homes. After all, you have study and socialisation to focus on – not your electricity provider, or your contents insurance.  

The Money Smart website recommends these tips on how to move out.
  • Try to save 10% of your pay for emergencies like not being able to work for a week, unexpected bills or extra travel costs. You never know when you the extra 10% of cash you stash may come in handy! 
  • Before moving out, put aside some cash to buy groceries and stock up your food.
  • In shared households, try not to have your name on all the bills. If the bill is addressed only to you, even if you are sharing the costs, you are legally responsible.
Visit to start searching.

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